Curso Confinamentos Bovinos

How will you have access to the course? The cattle confinement course is fully online and with recorded lessons. The student will have access 24 hours a day The Online Course of Cattle Confinement, is intended for agriculturalists who are encouraged by the increase in the price of arroba in the off season. The objective of cattle confinement is to achieve quality and the highest price of meat on the market, accelerating the finalization of cattle through the confinement that you can apply using the techniques of the Online Course of Bovine Confinement, offered by IEPEC.

The favorable moment to begin the confinement of cattle is the dry season, from May, when the pastures offer few conditions to  Curso Confinamentos Bovinos provide a good performance of the animals, with this, until a loss of cattle weight kept in the pasture.

Therefore, it is very important to feed the beef cattle with proteinados in confinement. The period required to prepare the animal is 90 days, which runs from June through October. Advantages of confinement: – Reduced age at slaughter. – Higher Yield. – Production of meat in the period of greatest scarcity. – Intensive operation of small properties. – Fast return of working capital invested in the activity. – Low mortality.

Great production of high quality organic fertilizer. Probability of better prices. How to pay for the course?   The payment is made through the hotmart platform, a partner of the INSTITUTO DE ESTUDOS PECUÁRIOS and you will have immediate access to the course, as long as it is paid in the credit card. If payment is made through bank transfer, only after 3 working days will you have access to the course.

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